This processes here help with formally closing a project. 


There is only one process in the Closing Process Group, which is Close Project or Phase.  


The key activities are:


  • Close all vendor contracts,

  • Communicate the project completion to all the stakeholders,

  • Finalize the lessons learned, planning documents, and other project documents and get those ready to be archived in the organizational process assets, and

  • Finalize and handover the deliverables to the client or users.

Questions for the Closing Process Group

Question 1 
  • One of the key outcomes of a project is the ‘lessons learned’ document. It is part of organizational process assets and includes important recommendations for future projects. Lessons learned are assembled and documented during which project phase:

    1. Planning and execution process groups

    2. Closing process group

    3. Throughout the project

    4. In the middle of a project


 Question 2

  • Beverley Baker is in the process of completing the deliverables for an application project rollout to 500 internal users across the world and getting approvals from the project sponsor. Which one of the following would be remaining for her to do?

    1. Close vendor contracts.

    2. Start the process to get acknowledgment and acceptance of the deliverables from the sponsor.

    3. Complete lessons learned document.

    4. Finalize requirement documentation.


Question 3 

  • Which of the following activities contribute to the lessons learned document?

    1. Root cause analysis of issues

    2. Post-project review of completed activities

    3. Quality audit of completed deliverables

    4. Validation of project deliverables or products


Question 4 

  • You are managing a project with 20 stakeholders to develop a new server and data storage farm for a cloud services provider in Tokyo and e-waste the old equipment from the datacenter. Which of these should not be part of the Close Project process?

    1. Gain acceptance and signoff from the stakeholders for the completed deliverables.

    2. Complete project documents.

    3. Close accounts related to the project with the suppliers.

    4. Get a certificate of recycling (COR) from the e-waste vendor.


Question 5 

  • Gary Gibson is the project manager for an airline with flight services across the globe. He is managing a project to upgrade the aircraft service platforms at the headquarters in Dallas, Texas. He is working with the global procurement team to purchase the identified equipment for aircraft servicing and inspection. Which of the following would be the last activity for the project?

    1. Complete and archive lessons learned.

    2. Measure customer satisfaction for the installed aircraft service stations.

    3. Complete equipment maintenance training for the operations team.

    4. Make sure that the vendor invoices are paid and the purchase orders are closed.




Answers for the Closing Process Group
answer 1

The correct answer is 3.

The lessons learned document is updated by the project team throughout the project.


 answer 2

The correct answer is 3.

The best answer is that she needs to complete lessons learned document. It is usually the last document to be completed.   Choice A is not a good answer because completing vendor contracts may continue long after the project is closed. Besides, there is no reference that this project has any vendor engagement. Choice B is also not a good answer because the project manager is already in the process of getting approvals from the sponsor. Requirement documentation must already be completed and signed off.


 answer 3

The correct answer is 2.

A review or assessment of the completed activities and understanding of what went right or wrong provide important inputs for the lessons learned document.


answer 4 

The correct answer is 1.

Getting signoff from stakeholders (that the deliverables meet acceptance criteria) must be done prior to Close Project or Phase process If stakeholders identify gaps or issues with the deliverables, the project team needs to remediate or fix the deliverables, which could require new change requests.


answer 5

The correct answer is 4.

Paying the vendor invoices could be the last activity. There is a procurement team to do the administrative work and close the purchase orders, with help from the project manager.