About Co-author Kailash  Jayaswal

 Kailash Jayaswal, PMP, is a project manager, international speaker and trainer. He has managed 100+ projects over the last 30 years of his corporate career and with a combined budget of over a billion US dollars. 

 He has spent most of the last 20+ years researching, teaching, consulting and presenting about project management techniques.

 He has managed several large-scale global projects for organizations such as Cisco, Caterpillar,  Gilead Sciences Inc., IBM, Pacific Gas & Electricity, Impax Pharmaceuticals, Symantec, University of California and Yahoo Inc. 

 He is  the author of a renowned book on data centers and co-author of one on cloud computing, that  has been sold in several countries. 

 About Co-author Archana Jayaswal


 Archana Jayaswal, PMP and CSM, is an expert writer, coach, project manager, instructor, and an authority on software development and project management.

 She has 25+ years of experience in managing large-scale, global programs for organizations such as IBM and Caterpillar.